Congratulations to
Mr. and Mrs. Gershon Bron
on winning our
Chanukah Raffle!!

Thank you to all the families who participated in the raffle and supported our school:

Adler Family
Annapolle Family
Burg Family
Capell Family
Daar Family
Elkin Family
Engel Family
Fink Family
Fried Family
Frohlich Family
Gamss Family
Glasser Family
Hahn Family
Jaffe Family
Kaminetsky Family
Klavan Family
Kirshner Family
Lynn Family
Neuman Family
Nissel Family
Marciano Family
Mentzel Family
Mermelstein Family
Pearlman Family
Pudell Family
Rosalimsky Family
Schanzer Family
Schreiber Family
Sklarin Family
Skoczylas Family
Spear Family
Strobel Family
Strulowitz Family
Summers Family
Tabacznik Family
Tager Family
Tarzik Family
Teigman Family
Walzman Family
Weitz Family
Wildes Family
Zahtz Family